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Setting up the forum.
Check back Friday (10/04/2016) for go-live date!

What is the Digital Marketing Post?
A web forum posting new career opportunities for Digital Marketers.
Digital marketers represent one of the fastest growing career paths ever known! For companies and agencies, there is an overwhelming demand to find talent at every level: entry level marketing analyst to senior VP of Digital Marketing. This is a great time for you to consider the next step in your career.

Like the job you see posted and then get recruited for it!
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  1. Jennifer Roberts- CEO
    Great name for a CEO. Too bad this site doesn't have one. This isn't even a business. If Jennifer were real and was CEO, she should demand more page real estate to tell her story.
  2. Jason Parker- Team Lead
    Why isn't Jason looking at the camera? A team lead should look you in the eyes, better to peer into the depths of your soul while assigning you tasks.
  3. Ken Ford- Psychologist
    Ken is not real, but he should be! Everyone in the job hunt deserves an on-call psychologist (that's the one that can assign prescriptions, right?)

Find the next step in your marketing career!

This isn't rocket science. The more job postings you view, the faster you find one that fits your current goals in life.
There are a ton of open positions in the digital marketing field. I will find the jobs, the recruiters and put both in front of your face.

(this picture to the right is not me. I'll get my face up there after the forum is up!)

Some feel-good content related to digital marketing careers and the job hunt will be posted, too. Fun digital marketing facts, resume tips, hobbies you can do at your desk, pranks to play on your co-workers, etc.